Freezing and Disclosure Orders

Freezing and Disclosure Orders

This page is only for filing final freezing and disclosure requests. No other order or legal process can be submitted through this page but must be submitted to the headquarters of the company Kryptobox OÜ.

Kryptobox OÜ will not review or accept other documents submitted through this page.

Submit the order only once. Duplicate records will only delay the processing of your case.

By making this page available, Kryptobox OÜ does not undertake to comply with any blocking and disclosure orders sent. Kryptobox OÜ's freezing of user IDs (accounts) or permission to disclose user IDs (accounts) to third parties is subject to applicable laws and regulations and the rights of Kryptobox OÜ users (and Kryptobox OÜ's responsibilities to the users). Kryptobox OÜ will review any freezing or disclosure orders submitted through this page to determine whether it is able to comply with such orders.

Any rights that Kryptobox OÜ has or may have to object to any freezing order or disclosure order are fully reserved.

Depending on the court and company involved, Kryptobox OÜ may be entitled to object to the jurisdiction of the relevant court that issued the freezing or disclosure order. By making this means available for uploading specific requests, Kryptobox OÜ does not submit to the jurisdiction of the competent courts nor does it waive any rights it has or may have to object.

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